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We are a global technology company building innovative public and private blockchain solutions on Insolar Blockchain Platform, the most secure, flexible and scalable blockchain for business.

Blockchain for business

Insolar Blockchain Platform

The best solution to streamline interactions between companies, manage supply chains and create new business models.



Simplified Development

Regulatory Compliance

User Protection


Use Case & Technology Development

We utilize the knowledge of top engineers and industrial experts to help organizations explore relevant blockchain technology and application use cases and tackle technological, operational, regulatory and strategic risks.

Discovery 1

Develop ideas and identify a use case

Design 2

Design the architecture and roadmap

Concept 3

Build a prototype solution to conduct tests

Pilot 4

Refine and enhance the solution

Scale 5

Deploy into a commercial product

Support 6

Premium technical support from Day 1

Reinventing Industries with Insolar

We help companies around the world deliver blockchain solutions across all industries.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Bringing transparency and accountability to the movement of goods and commodities across the globe.
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Energy & Utilities

Streamlining transactions across utility value chains to reduce administrative costs, develop new services and provide a direct link between suppliers and consumers.
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Retail & Consumer Goods

Fostering greater trust and collaboration with real-time, universal insights into products and processes.
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Driving innovative mobility services, traceability and more secure financial transactions.
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