Powering Business Ecosystems, Reducing Transactional Friction

The ultimate potential of highly adaptive and inventive business ecosystems is only restrained by the friction in the transactions that bind them together.

At Insolar, our mission is to help usher in a new era of agile business by making the world more efficient, transparent and connected. The key building block for this is a high performance, secure, common Assured Ledger™.

Insolar Assured Ledger™: powering efficient, adaptive, innovative businesses ecosystems

Business processes between multiple parties, and the transactions upon which they are built, are prone to costly reconciliations and information asymmetries. This causes transactional friction and reduces overall efficiency. Assured Ledger™ technology reduces barriers to efficient processes and lowers cost, risk, and operational complexity of multi-enterprise transactions. It establishes a single and consistent view of shared data and a shared confidence in the execution of business logic.
Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

Transactions between company departments, across supply chains or within a business ecosystem: wherever you need high degrees of trust and there is information symmetry, Assured Ledger™ helps contextualize information exchange to increase transactional efficiency.

Adapt to change

Adapt to change

Whenever you need to adapt quickly to a changing market landscape or dynamic, Assured Ledger™ helps you quickly and efficiently reconfigure your business ecosystem to maximize your business agility, meaning you are ready for anything that comes your way.

Innovate faster

Innovate faster

When innovators come up with new product ideas or previously unimagined business models, Assured Ledger™ enables high-quality collaboration and experimentation which accelerates the rate of innovation, while reducing its cost.

Rajesh Dhuddu

Rajesh Dhuddu

Blockchain Leader

Rajesh Dhuddu

In this tech-focused world, all businesses are searching for innovations that give a competitive advantage. The solutions Insolar is creating offer just that.

Gartner calls out “Practical Blockchain” as one of top 10 strategic technology trends for 2020.


The leading advisory firm also predicts that blockchain will create $3.16T USD of new economic activity in 2030.

Insolar Assured Ledger™ is based on practical blockchain principles:

Nodeless architecture


Highly scalable


Predictable TCO


Versatile business language


On-chain data storage


Assured Ledger™ technology


Eliminating barriers to participation

Insolar’s architecture removes the need for a network participant to host their own node. One simply has to become a member of an existing domain implemented by an existing Insolar cloud. Other members can specialize in providing the hardware infrastructure to support the cloud’s activities. A member can, if they choose, deploy their own node. All this happens without sacrificing confidence in the cloud’s common data and business logic, be it a private, public or hybrid cloud.

Create new apps and business models with Insolar Assured Ledger™

Disrupt the status quo

Currently, transactions on over-the-counter markets such as commodities are bespoke, often lengthy and complex, hence inefficient and opaque. Together with Insolar, Uranium One explores a solution to provide distributed digital infrastructure for contract negotiation and trading.

Disrupt the status quo

Siloed data and limited analytics are the root of many supply chain related problems: from poor forecasting to loss of sales. Solutions built on Insolar to create a supply chain of data provide end-to-end transparency for all parties and allow to address any problems that may arise.

Invoice management today are plagued by manual and costly reconciliations. Solutions built on Insolar provide both the client and vendor with a single source of truth on payment status and documentation, so that they can avoid calls, reconciliations, and lost invoices.

Unlock trapped value

Sustainability and ethical sourcing are image-critical to brands, but current processes in supply chains fail to capture essential data. Insolar provides a trusted database connected to all participants with a gateway to mobile applications.

Strengthen sustainable branding

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About Insolar

Insolar is a technology company that builds infrastructure for business transactions. Insolar technology powers third-party applications, helping companies of every size optimize their supply chains and make their business ecosystems more productive. It is helping dreamers implement their vision by enabling new kinds of business configurations and models.

Insolar Assured Ledger™ technology provides a highly scalable, secure, and flexible platform and tooling for companies to rapidly innovate in a trusted and risk-balanced environment.


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