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We provide developers with
easy-to-use tools to embed
digital trust in transactions

The Insolar platform combines a fourth-generation blockchain protocol with the most complete and secure set of production-ready development tools and services.

Quickly build and launch enterprise applications: accelerate the progression path from initial proof-of-concept to full-scale production.

A composable, Turing-complete
development platform

Insolar PaaS
Payment gateways
Notification gateways
Digital ID
ERP connectors
Developer tools
Software development kit
Development and testing
Deployment and CI / CD
Monitoring and profiling
DLT platform
Smart contract processing
Distributed ledger
Distributed storage
Decentralized cloud infrastructure
  • Distributed applications provide companies with confidence in shared data and business logic
  • Business can deploy next-generation multiparty applications on high-efficiency infrastructure
  • Save time through increased automation and ready-to-use extensions
  • Seamlessly embed workflow into your existing systems
Developer tools
  • Simpler application logic development without deep knowledge of blockchain
  • Improved productivity with a rich set of dev tools, such as for testing and debugging
  • Faster development using familiar frameworks and skill sets (Java / Go)
Platform as a service
  • Multi-party trust in data is achieved through a common, immutable distributed ledger that stores the data
  • Process automation is achieved through smart contracts that automatically perform actions according to predefined rules
Cloud infrastructure
  • Easier deployment with a cloud provider of choice or on premise
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The platform is designed to satisfy
advanced business requirements

Scale linearly
Support for large-scale systems with high throughput and low total cost of ownership.
Ensure auditability
Built-in audit and tracking that records not only the who and the when, but the why of a transaction.
Deploy as needed
Flexibility to deploy in private, public, or hybrid networks and the ability to interact with other networks.
Manage networks easily
Make incremental changes to the network and alter the configuration setup with minimal effort.
Store large data sets on chain
Improve deployment and management simplicity by storing large datasets and documents on chain.
Control who sees what
Built-in tools for advanced privacy management, including the ability to change settings in real time.
Integrate with conventional IT
Integration with conventional enterprise IT systems via support of inbound and outbound remote service calls.
Interoperate with other DLT
Interoperability between Insolar networks and with other DLTs through the exchanging of data and proofs.
Stay compliant
Flexible data storage management that allows for data governance which adheres to data localization regulations.
Amend your contracts
Update and add completely new functionality to existing smart contracts without changing their old code.
Incentivize network participants
Self-organize and provide incentives to participants in public decentralized networks, through separate management of resources and applications.
Launch cloud-based networks
Deploy your own node or use cloud-based infrastructure from specialized providers for greater flexibility.
Develop faster
Templates for custom development, support for commonly used languages, and management and monitoring of hardware resources and applications.
Update your cryptography
Stay secure by updating your cryptographic algorithms as and when, and use multiple algorithms simultaneously within one solution.
Cultivate an ecosystem
Technological adaptability and high-level technological and business framework-based abstractions to enable widespread adoption.
Tokenize your assets
Digital assets that can be transferred and tracked over the digital medium (e.g. provenance tracking).
Insolar DLT platform overview
For developers

What makes
Insolar easy to

  • No need to learn blockchain coding
  • Traditional development lifecycle
  • Toolkit for faster development
  • Support of Java and Go
  • Simple enterprise app integration
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Advanced architecture delivers
digital trust at scale

Horizontal scaling
Scaling by increasing the number of nodes of any type
Vertical scaling
Scaling by increasing the power of discrete nodes
Independent scaling
On-demand scaling of CPU, throughput, and storage
Horizontal scaling Horizontal scaling
Vertical scaling Vertical scaling
Independent scaling Independent scaling

Insolar’s transaction cost and
throughput advantage

An order of magnitude cheaper at scale than other DLT platforms
No practical limit on throughput; supports any large scale deployment
Insolar DLT platform overview

A platform with
linear scalability

Doug Heintzman on how Insolar achieved a major breakthrough in the DLT space.

6 critical platform characteristics
Deployment options

Insolar public

The Insolar public network is an open ecosystem for enterprises, infrastructure service providers, application services providers, and coin holders. It can also interoperate with private networks.

The native XNS coin serves the tokenomics purposes of payments, staking, and governance.

Learn more about XNS >

Providing transaction
assurance in supply
chain and financial

Supply Chains Status Quo Unlock value Unlock value
For businesses
Empower complex supply chains to transact simply
Poor transit status awareness and a lack of visibility beyond tier-one suppliers means an inability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. Coordination of common data and business logic across supply chains via an Insolar-based network, brings greater agility and adaptiveness.
Disrupt the status quo in commodity trading
Commodity trading involves a complex array of automated and manual processes, involving countless systems to minimize risk. Insolar enables confidence in collective data, trading logic and status, reducing risk and boosting efficiency to bring about significant cost savings.
Unlock the value trapped inside your payables
The ability to efficiently monitor an entire system of inputs drives cost savings and freedom of action. Common data and automation logic via an Insolar-based network dramatically improves liquidity, while removing administration costs and payment delays associated with reconciliation.
Strengthen sustainable branding with trusted provenance
Consumers increasingly make purchases based on confidence in authenticity, safety of material constituents, carbon footprint, and ethical sourcing. Insolar helps brands differentiate by proving the provenance of their products and the materials they are made of, who made it under what conditions, who has handled it, and its environmental impact.
Full transaction auditability
No need for reconciliation
Status transparency for relevant parties
Increased efficiency with automation

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Insolar DLT platform overview
Technical paper
High performance architecture
Insolar’s high performance architecture uses a separation of concerns approach where different nodes have different roles to play. The architecture allows for linear scaling capabilities, while adjustable consensus mechanisms provide cost efficiency.
Architecture explained in 3 minutes
Deployment flexibility
Different sectors and different businesses want different types of networks, but they still need to bind together into ecosystems to foster accelerated innovation. Insolar supports private, public, and hybrid networks for flexibility in configuration.
Deployment flexibility explained in 5 minutes
Consensus is what makes digital trust work. Insolar uses a dynamic consensus that separates network consensus from business consensus, facilitating greater confidence in shared data and business logic of networks with high performance, scalability, and efficiency.
Consensus explained in 6 minutes


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