Mar 2019
MIS Quarterly Executive

Business in the Front, Crypto in the Back: How a Finance SME Turned to a Blockchain Startup, Novera Capital, for Innovation

We present the journey by which Novera Capital, a blockchain start-up, partnered with Sigma Analysis, an SME investment firm actively looking for opportunities to leverage disruptive technologies. We believe that the key to this journey is expressed in Novera’s “Business in the front, crypto in the back” perspective. Finance is highly regulated and conservative. So, Novera would not have been able sell its concept for a novel bitcoin tracking fund that received over $1M in venture capital without its corporate ethos: Novera would be able to walk into any boardroom and clearly demonstrate compliance to regulations, and moreover show that their business practices would meet stringent expectations of large financial institutions. At the same time, it is Novera’s vision to innovate beyond the fund to a blockchain-based token platform that keeps its team of technologists motivated and forward-looking. We advise others weighing investment in blockchain, especially SME’s and start-ups in finance, to understand and manage this dichotomy.
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Insolar Researchers

Henry Kim

Senior Research Fellow
Toronto, CA

Marek Laskowski

Research Fellow
Toronto, CA
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