Sep 2018
Proceedings of the American Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), Cancun, Mexico

How Indigenous Entrepreneurs Can Use Trustless Technology to Rebuild Trust: A Case for Business Process Transformation in Natural Resources Development Using Blockchain

Worldwide, there are many Indigenous communities who distrust the Natural Resources Industry. These communities also often distrust Federal and State/Provincial governments. Blockchain constitutes an emerging technology that works very well in contexts where there is distrust between decentralized stakeholders. In this paper, we posit that those business processes that require participation by Indigenous communities, Natural Resources companies, and different levels of governments who lack trust in each other can be performed more effectively using blockchain technologies. Ultimately, we believe that Indigenous entrepreneurs developing and operating blockchain platforms can be pivotal in rebuilding trust between stakeholders in natural resources development.
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Insolar Researchers

Henry Kim

Senior Research Fellow
Toronto, CA
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